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Lunar Calendar '13

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Why not take your life into your hands and re-shape it in the new year to be in tune with the rhythm of the universe!

Written by Dr. Neşe Erdinç and Brigitta Edler and published by Cafe City Publications, the 2013 calendar “Moon‘s Facing Towards Us: 2013 Lunar Calendar” is adapted for iPad by Digital Tree Publishing.

The moon completes her journey around the earth in 28 days. In this 28-day cycle, she stays in each sign of the zodiac for 2-3 days. During these brief periods of time, she is engaged in various areas of interest of which the zodiac sign is also occupied. In this almanac, you’ll find the relationship between the moon’s rhythm and the nature, learn about both the positive and not-so-positive effects of the moon and the zodiac signs on us as individuals and on the universe in general, along with their effects in relation to nature-garden, wellness, nutrition, housework, body-care and social life.

In the Lunar Calendar 2013 iPad application, each day of the year 2013 is handled individually and in detail; calendar pagination is based on interactive calendar model and designed to include many other subjects of interest.

Our objective is to introduce some additional flavor into every day life which has become routine and complicating. To appreciate the rhythm of the nature and include those cyclic changes into our very lives is what we really care.

This application will enable you to be in line with the rhythm of the universe day by day, to follow all those clues leading up to your very special personal rhythm and thus enhancing the quality of your life.